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Ignite Adventures is a series of great adventures along South Africa’s beautiful coastline, where you’ll have a unique opportunity to recognise and realise your self-worth, find the real you - your unique character, qualities, values, talents, goals and dreams. Ignite Adventures is your journey to significance, through which you will find your passion and unlock your potential.


You’ll get to stretch your wings and to jump, fly, soar, dive, climb, leap, ride, run, swim, and learn. Along the way you’ll get to find yourself and enjoy yourself. That’s the bit that really matters -YOU get to love who YOU are. We get to guide you along the way.


Ignite is a journey in more directions than one. Geographically, the journey spans a number of famous places along the South African coast. It is also a journey inwards; the process of finding yourself, challenging yourself, and going outside your comfort zone.

Ignite’s adventure experience takes you out of the familiar and gets you doing things you‘d never have dreamed of; like riding on the longest zip line in the world, bungee jumping and scuba diving. You’ll go on a walking safari in an environment where elephants, rhinos and lions roam. You’ll hike the longest sand dunes in South Africa, learn new skills and try awesome and challenging things: you’ll make things, conserve things help local communities.  You’ll learn the basics to photography and cooking, and learn to surf. You’ll go fishing and sail away on an ocean safari. You’ll run, hike, paddle, use your body, get fit. All this in some of the most awesome travel locations in the world.


Upon reflecting on these experiences, you create self-trust through self-awareness. This ongoing process of refining self-awareness and self-trust, accompanied with an understanding of your unique potential, creates a resilient sense of self-worth. Once you realise your self-worth, you unlock your potential, and that's what Ignite aspires to do! You get to journey inwards and ignite and focus your potential outwards on your world. 

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