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Nowadays young adults live in a far more demanding and fast-paced world than their parents did. It makes today’s world difficult to navigate, confusing and complex. Standing at the beginning of the journey into independence, there are so many options, directions and decisions to take and make, and no guidebook available to help in making the right ones, the ones that will lead to self-discovery, true purpose and a fulfilling life.

They say that the first step on every journey is the most important one, and that’s because it sets the direction, and fixes the course towards a destination. Before setting out it is good to have a destination in mind, something to aim at, personally, that makes life worthwhile, and makes the most of your unique potential.

The question is: How will I know where I really want to go before I get there? And how will I discover who I really am and what is really important to me before I take the first step? 

Here’s the good news - there is a way upon which you can find your passion, your purpose, and the boundaries of your own potential. Whether you’d like to change the world or make it a prettier place, all you have to do is hop off the bus you’re on and hop on to another.


School leavers from all around the world will be weighing up their options and thinking about their choices as they look to start out on their journeys towards independence.

 Ignite Adventures is one of many choices that they may consider.Here’s a checklist of questions we would ask ourselves to help make the smartest choice. 

Are your looking to...

  • - Push your boundaries?

  • - Discover your limits?

  • - Get out of your comfort zone?

  • - Go on an adventure?

  • - Discover your passions and purpose?

  • - Find direction in your life?

  • - embrace new cultures?

  • - making lasting friendships?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Ignite Adventures will help you to find your future.

In a world that seems murky, believing in your talents, your abilities, and your self-worth can empower you to walk a brighter path. 



In our part of the world, we say Sawubona as our hello, which means I see you. At Ignite Adventures we strive towards integration and wholeness, where all things together make up the you that matters. We want to create an environment that allows your to express yourself with fearless authenticity.  And that’s the Sawubona you’ll enjoy in South Africa.


We say that to explode into real life you must light a real fuse. Travel, adventure and challenge are three activities in which people discover and uncover their authentic selves. And because they really matter, they live at the heart of the Ignite Adventure experience. 


Ignite Adventures’ unique adventure travel experience presents you with a range of emotions and guided challenges which help to reveal your authentic self, your values and capabilities. In this process, you become more self-aware.


 Upon reflecting on these experiences, you create self-trust through self-awareness. This ongoing process of refining self-awareness and self-trust, accompanied with an understanding of your unique potential, creates a resilient sense of self-worth. Once you realise your self-worth, you unlock your potential, and that's what Ignite aspires to do! You get to journey inwards and ignite and focus your potential outwards into the world. 


And it is our joy to guide you along the way.

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